Before Purchasing


What types of tanks is Alice compatible with?

At the moment, Alice works with the following tank types:

  • Standard 275 Gallon Vertical Tank (most common)
  • Standard 275 Gallon Horizontal Tank (looks like a vertical tank, laying on its side)
  • Standard 300 Gallon Vertical Tank
  • Standard 300 Gallon Horizontal Tank
  • Roth 275 Gallon Vertical Tank
  • 138 Gallon Round Tank
  • 240 Gallon Vertical Tank

Alice will also work if you have tethered tanks (two of the above tanks connected together.)

If you are unsure of what tank you have, look for a label on the side of the tank. Or snap a picture of your tank and email it to us at And if you have a different size or type of tank than listed above, email us and we will get that tank type set up!

My oil tank is outdoors. Will this work?

If your wifi reaches to your tank outside, then the gauge will technically work. If you received your Alice prior to January 4, 2019 your Alice is not designed or recommended for outdoor use.

The current Alice version ships with a cap on top, which protects the electronics for outdoor use. Remember to put put tank sealant (available at any hardware store) on the threads to keep water from getting into your tank.

Depending on where you live, the cold outside temperatures may limit or shorten the life of the battery. Please email us at to let us know that you will be using this on an outdoor tank and we will send your Alice with a battery which has a lower outside temperature rating.

Is there a fee to use Alice?

Beyond the initial purchase price of the Alice gauge, there is no additional cost to use the gauge or app.

What kind of batteries does the Alice gauge use?

The gauge uses one AA lithium metal battery. The gauge ships with the battery included, and the estimated battery life is over 5 years.

Can I access Alice with Alexa, Echo, Google Assistant, Cortana or Siri? Can Alice be integrated with iFTTT?

At the moment, the data from your Alice gauge can only be accessed on the Alice app. We are exploring those connections, however, depending on how many of our customers request it! If you are interested, please email us at and let us know which home assistant or platform you use.

How frequently does Alice update?

The Alice gauge will take a reading automatically every 6 hours. While you are not able to change the interval, you can manually force a reading at any time by following the instructions in the link below. Note you will need to be able to physically press the button on the top of the gauge.

How To Force A Reading

What happens if my oil delivery company fills my tank to the very top and oil gets on the Alice gauge?

Every oil tank is supposed to have a “whistle stop” on it, which prevents tanks from being overfilled. And oil does not splash around during tank fills, so getting oil on the gauge should not be of concern for normal usage.

How accurate is Alice? Can it take readings when my tank is full?

The gauge senses the tank level within a 7 gallon range, although we are constantly refining the gauge’s accuracy.

It will read the level of your tank whether it is completely full, empty or somewhere in between.

How do I know if I have a 2" or a 1 1/2" opening on my tank?

There are 2", 1 1/2" (or 1 1/4") and 1" openings on tanks. Newer tanks will have all 2" openings, but older tanks can have any of the three sizes. Take a ruler and measure the diameter of the circular fitting on your tank. This dimension will tell you whether it is a 2", 1 1/2" or 1" opening. For sample images, click here.

How will Alice alert me that my oil tank needs to be filled?

When you set up your app, you will be asked to enter your email address. Alice will send you alerts when your tank is 1/2 full, 1/4 full and when you meet the typical minimum order requirement of 100 gallons.

What do I need to install Alice?

For most tanks, you will need a pipe wrench to help you get the metal cap off the opening in the top of the tank that you want to use. This can require some good uppper body strength, as that cap has likely never been opened since the tank was manufactured.

Don't use a tool to tighten Alice, just tighten it with your hand.

While it is not necessary to Alice to function, we do suggest putting pipe sealant or teflon tape on the gauges's threads before screwing it onto the top of your oil tank to make the gauge air tight and avoid the possibility of oil odor. You can use 1/2" - 3/4" teflon tape, which can be found at any hardware store.

  • Apply it clockwise on the threads of the gauge
  • Wrap the tape around the gauge about 6-8 times
  • Stay one thread away from the end of the threads

Do not put on too much teflon tape or overtighten the gauge as this will put pressure on the threads.

We also suggest putting your old fitting in a ziploc bag to keep the old fitting from putting the oil smell into the air.

After Purchasing


I just set up my account and installed my Alice gauge on my tank, but the dashboard of the app is not showing my tank level yet.

If the gauge is successfully connected to your wifi, it will take a reading automatically every 6 hours, so you should see data appear 6 hours after installation. If you want to force a reading before then, follow the instructions in the link below:

How To Force A Reading

How far down into the tank opening should the gauge go?

When you screw the Alice gauge into the tank opening, it might not go all the way down; many of our customers still have about half the threads showing when the gauge gets nice and tight.

Is there an online manual?

If you want to view the step-by-step instructions on your computer while you're going through the setup process, check out the links on the following page:

Getting Started