Installing Alice on your tank


Although it is not necessary for Alice to function, we do suggest putting pipe thread sealant (or other similar product that is noted as safe for use with petroleum) on the gauge’s threads before installing it on your oil tank to make the gauge airtight and avoid the possibility of oil odor. We also suggest putting your old fitting in a ziploc bag to keep the old fitting from putting the oil smell into the air.

Step 1

Using a pipe wrench, remove one of the available fittings on the top of your tank (this may require some strength).

Step 2

Screw the Alice gauge into the fitting with your hands. DO NOT USE THE PIPE WRENCH; it could harm the gauge threads.

Helpful hint: use a step stool so you are looking DOWN at the tank, rather than reaching up.

Step 3

Take your first tank level reading by quickly tapping the gauge button; if the light blinks only once, continue quick tapping until the light blinks continuously. You’ll see a final green flash at the end that indicates a successful reading.

Note: if you don’t complete this step, you won’t see a first reading in your app until 6 hours after installation.