Alice is a home heating oil tank gauge that lets you read your tank level from your phone


Alice gives you peace of mind that you'll never run out of heating oil again. 


Before Alice, you had to make regular trips down to the basement to check your oil level. Maybe your tank is located in a difficult-to-access crawl space or accessible only through an outdoor bulkhead. Or maybe you’re managing a home from afar. Now, you can easily check your oil level on the Alice app and get email notifications when you’re running low. 

Alice works even if you're an auto-fill customer with your local oil company. Your oil provider decides when to fill your tank based on a computer algorithm; they don’t actually know how much oil you have left. This can lead to unexpected empty tanks if you have a house full of guests or severe weather moves in. With Alice, you can check your current consumption and anticipate any increased usage in order to schedule any extra deliveries you may need.


Alice lets you take control of your heating oil tank

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How Alice works in 3 simple steps

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Install the Alice gauge on your tank in less than 5 minutes. No professional installation or special tools required.

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Download the Alice app and connect your gauge ID to your app account.

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Get notified when your tank is running low, or check your tank level on the app whenever you want.

A small footnote: where did our company name come from?

Alice Parker

Alice Parker

No, it has nothing to do with Alice in Wonderland. Alice is named to honor Alice Parker, an unsung African American woman who received a patent in 1919 for the design of a gas fired central heating furnace. Her design was the first to use natural gas as a household fuel and changed the way millions of people heat their home but, unlike Mr. Willis Carrier and Mr. Dave Lennox, she has no company in her name and has received no popular credit for her invention. She has nearly vanished in history. We are proud to honor her work by naming our device after her.