Limited Two Year Warranty on the Alice Smart Oil Tank Gauge

We (Alice Metrics LLC) will repair or replace, at our discretion, defective or malfunctioning Alice smart oil tank gauges for the original Alice purchaser within two years after purchase.

  1. This limited warranty covers:

    • Damages incurred during shipping

    • Electronics malfunction

    • Dead batteries

  2. This limited warranty does not cover:

    • Water damage

    • Weather damage from using the gauge on an outdoor tank

    • Damage to gauge threads resulting from improper installation

  3. Time period

    • Warranty coverage begins on the date of purchase

    • The warranty lasts as long as the original purchaser continues to own the gauge, for a maximum of two years

  4. Validity

    • We will either repair or replace the gauge at our discretion, and we will cover the shipping required in either case

    • A refund will be offered only as outlined within our Return and Refund Policy

  5. Claim Process

    • Email with an explanation of your gauge’s issue to initiate the warranty coverage

  6. Disclaimer and Restrictions

    • This warranty gives you specific legal rights, but you may have other rights provided by your state's law

    • This warranty does not apply if the gauge is damaged by a natural disaster or other catastrophe such as flood or fire